Counties 4 Cancer

On May 28 2016 Mark Williams is setting out to cycle the 39 ancient counties of England, visiting three points of interest in each county along the way. Starting at Hay Castle, Hay-on-Wye, covering over 100 miles a day, the distance of over 3100 mile will take one calendar month to complete; finishing in Laurie's home county of Herefordshire.


The places visited will include the most northern, eastern, southern and western points of England, as well as the lowest and highest, which means climbing to the summit of Scafell Pike in Cumberland!

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Mark's school friend Laurie Engel was a smart, funny, charming, sparky and sporty boy; healthy as a boy can be until he was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer at the tender age of 11.


After 17 months of intensive treatment, Laurie tragically lost his battle with cancer in September 2005, aged 13.


Laurie always said that he wanted to make a difference; his parents set up the Laurie Engel Fund in his memory to make sure that he did.


Many of Laurie's friends will be getting on their bicycles and joining the ride for different stages.


This trip had taken inspiration from Matthew (Laurie's Father) Engel's book 'Engel's England', where he travelled the entire country and tried to discover the counties for what they were and show what they have become.


© Mark Williams 2016